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Why trust me ?

  • Expertise and knowledge of the market: I have extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. I could provide you with crucial information on neighborhoods, market trends, current prices and investment prospects.

  • Save time: Finding a property can be time consuming and stressful. By committing myself, you save precious time in your acquisition search.

  • Access to hidden properties: I would be able to offer you properties that are not yet on the market or that are not advertised to us. This gives you an advantage in finding exclusive properties.

  • Screenings and pre-selection: I will carry out a rigorous pre-selection according to your criterias. You will only visit properties that fit your needs and budget.

  • Negotiation Expertise: Real estate negotiations can be tricky. I would be negotiated in your favour, potentially obtaining   more advantageous conditions and a better price. 

  • Protection of your interests: I would be able to act as your representative, protecting your interests throughout the purchase process. 

  • Administrative management: Real estate transactions involve a significant amount of documentation. I can guide you through these steps reducing the risk of administrative errors. 

  • Benchmarking: I would be able to provide you with benchmarking to assess if the price of a property is in line with market values, thus preventing you from overpaying. 

  • Objectivity: Emotions can often influence buying decisions. I would bring an objective perspective, helping you make informed decisions. 

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