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Recognized by ALUR law in 2014, the profession of real estate hunter is integrated into the Hoguet law which extends its scope to the search for real estate.

In application of this law, apartment hunters, or real estate hunters who prospect and seek properties for the benefit of buyers, must hold a professional real estate agent card, RCP insurance and follow an annual training course.

If the legal framework and the purpose are the real estate transaction between two natural or legal persons for the two activities, the customer approach and the working method are very different:

Philippe Vuagnoux

  The difference between a real estate agent and a real estate hunter?

1. The property hunter works for the buyer!

It is the buyer who signs a search warrant. Real estate money works for the seller who signs a mandate to sell.

2. The property hunter is contacted directly by the buyer:

He will ask him to find his future property and signs exclusive search warrants. The real estate agent must prospect, land and telephone, to find sales mandates often without exclusivity.

3. The property hunter has nothing to sell! 

He searches for the ideal property on the entire market!

The real estate agent can only offer buyers the properties he has in the agencyand must therefore reference as many properties as possible in order to be able to offer them.

4. The property hunter represents the buyer.

In all impartiality, he advises him and accompanies him from the signature of the search mandate until the notarized signature.

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